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Language courses

Language courses

Bridging courses
in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German as a Foreign Language
for beginners and advanced students

Individual lessons: € 20,50 / 45 Min.   Total number of hours by arrangement
Groups of two: € 12,00 / 45 Min.   Total number of hours by arrangement
Group lessons:
(max. 5 people)
€ 7,20 / 45 Min.   Total number of hours per course: 40 hours

German as a Foreign Language
in English and French

Cambridge First Certificate in English
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
English for Commerce of the London Chamber of
Commerce and Industry
Examens de francais des affairs pour etrangers/Chambre
de Commere et d´Industrie de Paris
Group lessons: € 7.20/ 45. Min.Std.
Total number of hours: by arrangement

German as a Foreign Language
Intensive courses in the morning:

5 participants: 10 hours/week
6-7 participants: 12 hours/week
8-9 participants: 15 hours/week
10+ participants: 20 hours/week
Course duration: 3 months
Course fees: € 250.00/month
Evening courses: See conditions included under Bridging courses

Parallel courses to school and university curricula:

Individual lesson: € 20,50 / 45 min.
Group course: € 7,20 / 45 min.

Children's courses in English
1x per week; 60 minutes; maximum group size of 8 children

Price: € 26.00 / month

There is a one-time registration fee of 15.00 for initial registrations.

Billing method - Technical translations

Experience, know-how and a feeling for the language are significant components of any high-quality translation. All our translations are carried out by academically trained, native-speaking colleagues. This kind of service is time consuming and costly.

Translation is a service that, by its very nature, simply cannot be homogenous. Price comparisons with other providers should therefore always take into account the "complete package" being offered. After viewing the type of text, the area of its application, the volume and the language of the actual text to be translated, we will draw up an individual offer that is sure to convince you of our competitiveness.

Basis for the calculation - Basic services

Depending on the type of text, the calculation is based on the number of lines or the time expended. Upon submission of the actual text to be translated, a project price can be quickly agreed upon. The target language text shall be authoritative for the calculation, with the exception of languages using character systems. In such cases, the original text shall be used as the basis for the calculation.

Supplementary services

Supplementary services, such as layout, rapid service, certifications and Apostille shall be billed separately.

Request a free and non-binding offer.

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