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The SPRACHENINSTITUT/ÜBERSETZUNGSBÜRO has been engaged in the translation of the widest variety of documents into and out of all languages since 1985.

Our translation service enables you to have texts rapidly and expediently translated at any time. You can submit your text for translation online or via fax. The text will be translated by qualified and professional translators and returned to you in electronic format.

Quality is our major concern. Our team comprises qualified, native-speaking translators with many years of experience in a wide variety of areas, such as business, technology, software, chemistry, websites, telecommunications, medicine, law, advertising, etc.

The translator translates the text in accordance with your requirements, whereby the translated text conforms with the original text regarding content, format and style.

Some of our translators are publicly appointed and avowed and can thus prepare officially certified translations of your documents.

Additional information is extremely helpful for our translators. Sending us background material along with the text for translation helps ensure the consistent use of terminology in your business documentation. Previous translations of similar documents (both original and target language) are particularly useful.

Our servicesr :
Translation service (all languages)
Meticulous document checking: grammar, style, typographical errors
Prices for translations vary depending on the language, level of difficulty, volume and specialist area. We're happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.
Simply send us an email stating your preferred delivery date and format.
Assignments without an accompanying offer will be confirmed by us stating the delivery details.
We naturally treat all assignments as strictly confidential.
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